Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick

Ah! Summer.... Sun's out... Why not opt for a bold lip colour? 
That's exactly what I done for work on Monday.. I opted for the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in Fraise Remix (11) a bright pink with hints of coral. 

The first applied with a lip brush... It gives a high shine finish without any glitter or sparkle which is great because I am really not a fan of a pearlised lipstick or lipgloss. 
The colour lasted without reapplication until lunch time where I was left with a patchy set of lips, but if I'm honest it wasn't half bad - if I hadn't eaten lunch I'm pretty sure it would have lasted much longer. 
Following lunch I reapplied the product directly but application was nice and even.
The product managed to stick to my lips without any drying feeling which was really impressed with. 

I've had this product since last summer and this was the first time I had worn it!

It won't be the last time though. I am a little bit in love. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition retails for around £7.99 and is available in 16 shades. 

Rhian Xx

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Urban Decay False Lashes - Lure

Following my recent visit to the Urban Decay counter in Cardiff. As well as having a lovely pamper and beautification from the ladies I thought I would tell you about my new favourite lashes. 

Since purchasing the Lure lashes they have been my go to lashes for events and nights out - so far I'm in to my 5th or 6th wear and they are atill going strong. 

Rather than being full strip lashes these are corner lashes. The glue they come with is also totally amazing... They won't budge! 

Lure lashes retail for £11.50

You will definately get your monies worth out of them. 

Rhian Xx

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bronze Buffer

I had this sample in my most recent Latest In Beauty Box.. I decided to give it to one of my besties - Bethan as I had recently self purchased a St Tropez Tan Build Up Removing Mitt. 

Here's Bethan - you can follow her on twitter @bethanevans84

Here are her thoughts on the product. 

The beauty bronze buffer

A nifty little sponge for removing mistakes and build up.

It works really well on large surface areas ie. Legs, arms, foot but be careful with sensitive areas I noticed redness and irritation for 24h following use on the inners of my arms, around belly button etc.

It is quite small and as per instructions just dip in water, rinse and use.

I wouldn't recommend this to be used to completely remove old tan, it is better you treat this as a corrective sponge.

I also tested re applying tan after using the sponge and I suggest you leave it an hour or so before attempting, especially on the sensitive areas as it would not re take to the inner of arm.

A handy little product, I would give it 3 out of 5.


Thanks for reviewing the product Beth! 

Rhian Xx

Friday, 20 June 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I have heard so many good things about Bioderma Cleansing Water and this is the closest thing I have found to that product so thought I should give it a try. 

I picked this up in Tesco for £4.99 (400ml)

The concept is similar to Bioderma. - fragrance free, kind to sensitive skin cleanser designed to lift of make up easily. 
Usually I use a Nivea eye make up remover (double action) which is great for removing even the most stubborn make up like gel liner and waterproof mascara. Whilst the Micellar water is an affective at removing basic eye make up it does struggle a little with the more stubborn products. Nevertheless, eventually it will be removed with very little stinging or redness to the eye as the water is very sensitive. 
One of the great benefits to this water is that it can be used all over the face so you don't need to but multiple removers. Great for anyone in a rush or little time to pamper themselves! 

The bottle, whilst being generous in size, it is difficult to control the amount of product that comes out and you may find it doesn't last as long as you would like. That aside, I do really like this product. It's a handy quick fix and far more effective than a make up wipe in removing stubborn eye make up and foundations! 
Simply apply to a cotton wool pad and away you go! 

Have you tried this product yet? What are your thoughts? 

Rhian Xx

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Anastasia Beverley Hills - Dip Brow Pomade

I never thought I would be converted away from my Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake... But there is a new product in my make up collection and I love it! 

Since Instagram has grown and grown... And there is more beauty tutorials and imagery than you can shake a stick at - the biggest product across all of these pictures and the product on everyone's lips is this one! Anastasia Beverley Hills - Dip Brow Pomade. 

This is quite simply the easiest, quickest and most effective way of perfecting your brows. 

It has a creamy gel like formula which clings to each hair - no matter how untamely your brows this product will fix them for you. Both smudgeproof and waterproof and so won't rub off - my biggest nightmare is losing my brows and having product running down my face. 
This product ensures a smooth application, best applied with a fine angled brush. 

It's also great for graduating your brows... This is the latest trend among celebrities and make up artists. 

Not yet widely available in the UK this cult product comes in 5 different shades:
• Chocolate
• Ebony
• Dark Brown
• Auburn
• Blonde

It can be purchased from www.beautybay.com for £15 excluding shipping. 

This is a must have for anyone who finishes their brows. 
I promise it will be the best £15 you've ever spent. 

Rhian Xx

FM Cosmetics CC Primer

Everything is abbreviated these days... First BB now CC mixed with all kinds of WTF and TGIF I guess that's the nature of some of us living our lives by 140 characters... 
I've never bought in to the BB craze... It's simply not for me. Not enough coverage, not the finish I like just a big no for me - on the other hand I know that a lot of people have been converted and switched their foundation for a BB alternative. 
So now CC - this is slightly different, this one offers a colour correcting formula. 


Long before the CC cream craze, I actually purchased an anti reddening formula from the Seventeen range and that must have been at least 5 years ago - same concept, as this one green to neutralise the redness. Complimentary colours and all that. 

This product is from FM Cosmetics - not something that you would find on the high street, but via a distributor. Similar to the Avon concept. 

FM brand this as a CC Primer - so rather than offering colour it is to prime the skin and ready it for make up or simply decrease redness. 
The product offers to smooth imperfections and decrease the visibility of pores whilst mattifying. 

The decreasing redness is a big draw for me as I sometimes suffer from inflammation on my jawline and neck and no matter how thick or how many layers of foundation and concealer you apply the redness is still there. 
This product quickly reduced redness and I am able to apply my foundation pretty much straight away. It's also great if you have recently plucked your eyebrows and you want to reduce the red in this area - big nightmare! 

The product is £8.99 for 15ml but you don't need to apply much as it spreads evenly. 
If redness is something you suffer from like I do then I would definitely recommend this. 

Living in Wales your FM distributor would be Scott. 
Scott can be contacted on twitter - @scottymcg or via phone 07896109900 

*you can check out the full product offering on www.fmperfumestore.co.uk. Scott is also able to arrange perfume parties for you - :) 

*PR Sample

Yves Saint Laurent SHOCKING Indecent Volume Mascara

This is only my second ever YSL mascara purchase... My first one was a few years ago and I opted for a purple one to bring out the green in my eyes... 

When I saw this mascara with it's beautiful gold classic YSL packaging and the word SHOCKING plastered across the front I was immediately drawn in. Now it is a little pricey.... It's usually around £23-£25 depending on whether you catch promotions. 
I opted for 01 Deep Black - it is an intense black - it is a very black formula.. Some of the cheaper mascara's can appear a little grey after application but this one is black, black.
The formula itself is quite thick and a little gloopy - it coats your lashes quite heavily with one application which is good because if you try and apply a second coat be prepared for clumping and unnatural looking lashes! 
The Shocking mascara has a new brush compared to other YSL mascara's which is meant to increase the precision and improve application - did I notice all the science? No not really... Like I said it does offer a full coverage to your lashes in one application and that could be from the thickness of the product or from the brush... Let's give YSL credit here and say it's both :) 
What makes this formula "Indecent" well apart from clever marketing which makes it sound all very sexy... YSL state the formula contains two different types wax... One to maximise the thickness of your lashes and the other to create curve. This formula combined with the new brush is meant to give a false lash effect. 

Now whilst my lashes do appear thicker.. I want more from this product...more than the delicious packaging... More than a fancy fancy new brush... Especially at £25. It's not that I don't like this mascara but I do fear that even after the two weeks I've had it, it's at the early stages of clumping and drying it and also there isn't a great deal of length impact. 
Personally I find the Lancôme Hypnos and Benefit They're Real Mascara's much better value for money at the more premium end of the market. 

Sorry YSL, as beautiful as this looks ok my make up bag - this product isn't really for me... 

Have you tried this mascara? Or any other YSL mascara's? ... Thoughts?

Rhian Xx

*other products used in picture;
Anastasia Beverley Hills - Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
Illamasqua Gel Liner
Smashbox Full Exposure Palette 
Illamasqua Sophie Blush