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Saturday, 17 January 2015

OGX Biotin & Collagen weightless, reviving oil treatment

I am aware that whenever I blog about a hair product it's always a product for limp  flat lifeless hair and that's because I have limp, flat, lifeless hair. 
I picked up this product in Boots when calling in for a serum for the ends of my hair. This caught my attention tho and as it can be used as a serum too I picked it up... Two birds one stone and all that. 

You apply the product to your hair when damp - I use it just before I blow dry - lengths and ends. 
I was dubious at first with it being an oil, whether it would make my hair look greasy and although it states weightless I still had my concerns. 
After first application and blow dry - I realised the product didn't leave my hair greasy at all and it did feel thicker and fuller. It also makes my hair feel thicker all day maintaining body that I would have usually lost. 

Not stopped using it since I first tried it and I have to say I'm impressed. Plus it smells yummy too. 

There's a full range of Biotin and Collagen products from OGX available from Boots and Supermarkets. 
This one is around £6.99 but can usually be picked up in multibuy promotions. 

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Britney Spears Hair Care at Lidl

When I first heard that Britney Spears was launching a hair care range - I was so excited! Mainly because I am a HUGE Britney fan!
I know that, that's a slightly controversial statement - but we have to remember that I grew up in a time that Britney Spears was the biggest pop star in the World and in my eyes, through all the head shaving, bra-less, baby dropping pictures we see I still love her!

Now before I tell you about the product I am putting my commercial hat on *places it on ones head* and that's because working in a retail industry and having a business background it allows me to understand some of the questions that I have seen asked about this venture.

Firstly, WHY!? Why would anyone buy a hair care product launched by someone who famously shaved off all her hair and is not famous for having amazing hair all of the time - we've all seen the greasy hair, extensions showing pictures - My answer to that is simply because she is BRITNEY SPEARS, who doesn't know who Britney is? I could ask my 86 year old Grandfather and he would still know who she is. Whether you like her or not her name sells. A rare TV appearance will always draw in crowds and regardless of what you make of her singing nobody could deny how iconic her performances were at the MTV awards from a sequined barely clothed body, writhing with a python to kissing Madonna.

So if Britney is Britney and her name sells, why at Lidl and why at an entry price point? Because commercially this makes the most sense - shift the volume at the opening price point - because as I mentioned above, Britney is not notable for her amazing hair so nobody is going to invest in her brand and her name at a higher price point, not only that but her name is not as big as it once was so she cannot demand the high end and storm the market - but at everything £11.99 and under she can.

Lets also face facts, Britney's input in this would have been minimal and who in their right mind would turn down money for nothing?

So... the product?

Now ideally I would have picked up the multi-styler (£11.99) and not the straighteners (£9.99) but my Mum picked up this for me and thought I would want the straighteners more.

The packaging is good, it looks expensive - the image of Britney on the front shows long blonde tresses which any girl would dream of.
The product offers;
Ceramic-coated hot plates with tourmaline crystals (the science of this being it reduces static in the hair)
Temperature Control 100-180 degrees Celsius. (you may not see this as very high, seeing as though some offer up to 230 degrees. but these temperatures should only be used for course or afro hair and will damage your hair if used - GHD's don't go over 200 degrees)
Soft Touch body
Automatic shut off after 30 minutes
360 degree swivel cable
Hanging hook
3 year warranty

Now it's the warranty that's amazing - 3 years on something which is only £10! How could you not be tempted to try them?

The negative that I have found is that the straighteners do take a while to heat up, I've not timed it but I would say, around 2 minutes which is a while by todays standards/
But overall the product is good, for £10 it's well worth the money.
My hair is fine so this product worked well for me, I would need to try it on thicker hair to see if the results are the same - but my Mum also bought a pair and was very impressed.

If you're someone who only casually uses straighteners then surely these are worth the £10 investment whether you're a Britney fan or not?

I will be heading to Lidl myself to pick up the Multi Function Styler (7 different attachments) as I am intrigued about this one particularly.

Other products in the range are:

Hairbrushes at £1.99
Mini Straightener £4.99

Are you intrigued by these products? Would you try them?

Rhian Xx

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I haven't used a sponge for my foundation in years! The brush is my preferred application method - some people may prefer fingers or indeed a sponge but for me the brush is King.
Having seen lots of things about the Beauty Blender sponge, this seemed like the next best thing which was available in high street stores (Boots, Superdrug and more so now Supermarkets)

The only thing I don't like about using this sponge is, as with any sponge it absorbs a lot of product meaning you find yourself applying more product than with a brush - that being said the finished result is great. It's also great for building coverage with some lighter foundations without it looking cakey. Oh and for those that love to contour this is great for blending the different shades together.

(real techniques recommend you dampen the sponge first to avoid soaking up too much product) 

I find the best method for application on my skin is to start with a base applied my a brush and then use this sponge to create fuller coverage and contour - but the sponge is a great option if you are looking for a speedy approach and don't want the fuss of a brush.

I've never tried a Beauty Blender but that retails at £16.00 and this is only £5.99.

Have you tried  both these sponges? Is there a difference in quality and performance to justify the difference in the price?

Rhian Xx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

GOSH Prime 'n Set Primer and Mattifying Powder

I picked up this product looking for a budget replacement to my Illamasqua loose foundation. I had also watched a YouTube video that if you applied this type of product under your foundation it would create a great base, minimising pores and readying skin for foundation. 
In which case a product called Prime 'n Set seemed like the perfect option. 

Now I'll be honest. On first impression I did not love this product and was ready to give it away to one of my ever grateful friends. Why? Well...

Firstly the texture was not what I was accustomed to with the Illamasqua one. This product was not as fine.... And also seemed a little grainy where it had gathered in places. So not a great start. 

Secondly I attempted the whole powder under your foundation using this and it didn't work for me at all! In fact I hated the finish, I had much better results from a standard pore minimising primer. I have read other posts about this product making an improvement so it may just be my skin that didn't like it. 

With this in mind. This product was banished to my make up storage unit and was going to be given away after I had written a blog post. (This was months ago I may add) 
Following my initial disappointment I picked up the NYX HD powder as a replacement. Both at £9.99-£10.00 but I was much happier with the texture of the NYX as it was similar to my Illamasqua one and if gave a great finish. 

Then! Shock horror! I run out so my only option to set my foundation was to try the GOSH product again. Now to my surprise, as a setting powder I love it!! The finish is great. Creates a lovely matte look to my skin and as its translucent it means my contouring is still visible. It's fair to say I've changed my mind so I'm glad I waited a while to blog about it. 

Maybe powder under foundation just isn't for me, but it may very well work for you. In which case I would give this product a go. 
Main Benefits; 
Pore Minimising
Shine control 
Matte finish
Inproves appearance of lines and imperfections 
Velvet finish. 

Available from Superdrug at £9.99.

Rhian Xx

Natural Collection - Eye Lines Eyeliner (white)

I remember reading ages and ages ago that using white eyeliner in your water line makes your eyes appear brighter ....  I have never used it - so wanting to check it out but being overly cautious as I wasn't sure if I would like the look I opted for a basic one which I picked up from the Boots Natural Collection which was a steal at only £1.99.

This is a great option - it doesn't last all day but for £1.99 you can afford to re-apply.

Fab little pick me up.

Rhian Xx