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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Milani Baked Blusher

I picked up this pretty little beauty in a new make up store in the Royal Arcade - Cardiff, it's called Beauty Crowd and its where elf used to be (for those that knew it) the shop now offers a variety of brands from the likes of Milani, elf, LA Girl and also a new London based brand - Freedom. 
I'd not really heard of Milani before, I'd seen a few bloggers like @lookamillion posting a few bits recently so I picked up the baked blush. The shade I got was 03. Berry Amore. 
It's a pinky, peach shade with gold hints and was around £5.99. A bargain considering the compact also includes a small brush and a mirror. The brush isn't great but they rarely are in this sort of product. It is however ideal for top ups of needs be. 
It's really pigmented and gives a lovely finish. 
Great value for money. 

Apologies for the lack of glamorous makeup. I'm on my way to get it done but wanted to share this with you guys first cause I was so impressed. 

Rhian Xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy

I love, love, love Revlon nail polish! It lasts forever without clumping or separating and the coverage is also, always amazing.
I was really intrigued by the Gel Envy option and as they were on offer in Boots (2 for £10) so it was hard to resist. It's usually £6.99 each.

The polish itself includes a Base and a Colour - and they sell a separate Diamond Top Coat which can be used on any other nail polish to add super high shine and make your polish last longer.
The shade I opted for was Lady Luck - which is a coral/peach shade with gold undertones.

The coverage is great, but I would still say two coats is ideal, finished with the top coat. It lasted well days 1-5 with only small chips and some re-growth by day 7 which is pretty impressive. The product doesn't give the thickened appearance of some nail polishes but I loved the colour I selected.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

I am, like many people constantly in search of the best concealer for me.
I have found that since my skin has improved in terms of blemishes the concealer that I need these days is more for my under eyes and highlighting instead of blemishes, but that said I am always drawn to anything that says complete coverage! Who wouldn't be!?

I am a big fan of the Urban Decay foundation, and the biggest draw is having a full coverage but with a weightless feel.

I have been using this concealer as a highlighter for contouring and also brightening my under eye. The coverage is great and is definitely full. 
It also does a great job of hiding blemishes, but I opted for a lighter shade so I don't tend to use it as much for that. 
I think this concealer definitely competes with Mac Pro Longwear, but the wand inside means I actually prefer it. 

It retails for £17.50 so it's in the same price bracket as Mac and comes in 8 different shades.

Have you tried this yet? What are your thoughts?

Rhian Xx

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Studio Fifteen - Talbot Green

Well... This is a real change for me! This is the first time I have had my hair done in a "local salon" for about *thinks.... thinks more* at least 15 years.
That's because I was always happy with my hairdresser and why fix what's not broken!? 

Now as the fabulous Bea is still on maternity leave I am still having to find somewhere in between. I've visited one other salon in this period which was Cardiff but I decided I wanted something more local... This is where Studio Fifteen comes in. 
This isn't an ordinary salon - it's a unique concept. Each beautician, therapist, hair stylist works for themselves and the lovely Debbie - salon owner, allows them to work out of her very glamorous salon...
I have never ever been in to a salon and felt this comfortable around the people working there. They are all delightful, friendly, warm and down to earth. 
You are put completely at ease... Which lets face it is one of the most important things.

They offer a full range of beauty treatments including; 
Eyelash lift 
Acrylic sculpted nails
Hair extensions 
Semi permanent make up
Teeth whitening
OPI gel colour
As well as all the usual treatments you would expect in a salon. 

I am happy with my hair cut and colour... So much so I'm booked in for hair extensions in two weeks time! 
I can't recommend it enough... I have a list as long as my arm for treatments I want to try out. 

Thanks to Deb, Michelle and Nicola for making me so very welcome. 

You can like Studio Fifteen on Facebook and you can contact the salon on 01443 315151 

I have included the current hair price list below: (22.06.15) but they always upload deals on their Facebook page or contact the salon for more information. 

I'll keep you up to date with how I get on with my first ever set of permanent hair extensions. 

In the meantime I do encourage you to visit this salon. You won't be disapponted! 

Rhian Xx

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Barry M Chiselled Cheeks Contour Kit

Hands up who loves chiselled cheekbone s!? 
Yep! It seems we all do. 
I love contouring as much as the next person, and in my opinion the more drag like the make-up the better! 
I have watched soooo many videos on Instagram - to the point that I was fed up of them being in my feed and stopped following certain people. 
Contouring with creams and liquids, is a little more complicated than simply contouring with some powder but the basic principles are the same. Highlight the sections you want to bring forward, darken the bits you want to create shadows on to show depth and structure. Simple huh? Still not convinced you can do it? 
This gem of a Barry M kit gives pictorial diagrams of exactly where to put what colour to create a simple contour and highlight. It also means you don't have to go off buying multiple products as its all in one simple magnetic box with three different shades and at £6.49 it's a steal! It might take a few attempts to get the look perfect and that comes with practice. But for the price it's a great introduction to contouring! 
I picked this up a while ago, and I promised it to my friend once I had blogged about it - so Bethan it's now yours! 

For added help check out this YouTube link from Barry M for a tutorial 

Get practising those duck faces cause that Kim K look can be yours :) 

Rhian Xx