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Friday, 22 August 2014

YSL - Fusion Ink Foundation

GLAMOUR Reviews: YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Is this really the latest foundation miracle? Can it really do all the things that it promises?

There was only one way to find out and that was to try it for myself.

I've worn this foundation for the last 4 days and not once in that period did I re-touch or re-apply the foundation as I wanted to see whether it delivered on the 24 hour wear promise.
I have combination skin and always wear a primer but Yves Saint Lauren say that you do not need a primer for this foundation (I have tried with both and I prefer it with a primer as it creates a smoother base to my skin) I also normally always wear a powder to set my foundation - which again YSL state is not needed with this product and in this instance they are right - I don't think any lady would consider adding a powder on top of this as the finish is already mattifying and there is really no need for the extra layer.

The Product

The packaging is to die for - it matches a YSL lip stain I have - it's sleek and stylish and not like any other foundation bottle I've seen before.
The consistency is very lightweight - If you have ever tried the Armani, Maestro foundation I would liken the texture to that, it feels as though you have nothing on but leaves a silky soft base.
The coverage is buildable without any caking at all to the skin and despite my oily t-zone it did not gather in places.
For anyone that is low maintenance when it comes to make up, this is perfect - I saved time not having to apply any powder to my face to set the foundation.
For me, matte coverage is my preference and this certainly evened out my skin with very little effort and no feel of make up what so ever - my only criticism would be that I felt it dulled my skin slightly so for anyone not looking for a completely matte look this foundation is not for you.

As I mentioned I did not touch up or re-apply this product and the staying power was amazing even through a gym and tennis workout.

At £30.50 the foundation is cheaper than the Armani - Maestro and if I am honest I prefer it, it's also available in a wide range of colours.

I received a 7 day sample of this foundation but I will be purchasing as I have never found a foundation that doesn't require me adding an extra layer of coverage before and for me that's a big draw.

Have you tried Fusion Ink yet?

Rhian Xx

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer

I realised earlier that despite using this product every day and it being one of the most essential parts of my make up collection... I've never blogged about it!

I've tried countless primers in my time from Benefit to Sephora and Maybelline to Illamasqua but this one is my favourite. 

It creates a perfect base for my foundation and I find that I need much less foundation when I wear it. It smoothes over pores - and while it's not a concentrated pore refiner it does make a difference. It also means my make up lasts much longer and is resistant to sliding in the heat. 

You can pick up the Photo Finish Primer for £25. And it's available in larger Boots stores as well as online. 

One of my top 10 favourite products. 

Rhian Xx

Nars Nail Polish - No Limits

This is my first and only Nars nail polish.
I've had it since last Autumn... And I think I've worn it all of once! 

Not because I don't love the shade... Because I do. It's matches my Nars blusher perfectly. But... I don't love this nail polish. 

As I've not worn any other Nars polish it's difficult for me to say how this one compares but in all honesty the coverage is terrible. Three coats is still not enough and for a polish which retails at around £14 isn't great! It's very disappointing in fact. 


I am happy to apply more coats but that changes the finished colour - which is a shame as that's my favourite part about this polish. 

You can see from the picture that the nail shade is now totally different to the shade in the bottle (5 coats later!) 

As well as the colour there are a few other positives... The packaging is nice and the brush inside is great. 

It's just a shame that the coverage falls short. 
Have you tried any Nars polishes? Have I simply picked the wrong colour to base my thoughts on?I would like to think so as I normally love Nars. 

Rhian Xx

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Benefit - They're Real! Push Up Liner

I'm a gel liner convert - but I am the first to admit that applying it takes a little bit more practise. Usually you have the fuss of your separate brush ( a good quality one is essential ) and also some have a tendency to dry out *boo*
Now on occasion I can be a little bit dubious of Benefit products. Some are great (They're Real Mascara and Porefessional for example) but some are a little faddy and gimicky. 
I will be the first to admit I didn't rush out and buy this liner - I heard lots of great things from various other bloggers but having only recently bought a new gel liner and from practise now being quite nifty and precise with my brush I couldn't really justify the investment. 
That said, a single tweet from House of Fraser tempted me into buying a bundle pack including Mascara, a small Liner (still a substantial size) and a sachet of the new eye make up remover all for £19.50 I couldn't really say no! 

So is it Benefit to the rescue? Is it as good as all the hype? I have to say... I love it. 

The tip is flexible silicone (accuflex) in it's make up and you twist the bottom the excrete the gel from the tip. You get the control of those handy felt tip liquid liners but the nicer finish of a gel liner. It's also much easier to get precise flicks. 
The idea is also that is hugs your lashes to make sure you don't get any gaps between your liner and your lashes. 

You can check out a video here; 

Finally a gel liner that not only is easy to apply but also won't dry out. 
If you've been cautious of gel liners before - look no further and get your mitts on this beauty! 

They're Real Push Up Liner retails for £18.50 

I quickly snapped these pics before work today. 

Rhian Xx

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette - Iconic 3

Let's not beat around the bush here... This palette is a complete dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette but at only £4 it's a great alternative for someone who doesn't want to commit £37 to eyeshadow.

I have the Naked 3 palette and I love it... But I wanted to pick this one up to see if I could love it just as much. 


Now I know a lot of you would be thinking at £4 there is no way the shadow could have great staying power-but combined with a good eye shadow primer you'd be surprised. I wore this palette out on an evening where I ended up singing and dancing the night away to some epic 80's Power Ballads (long story) The colours did not stay as pigmented as when I first applied it but it stood up well against a warm summer evening combined with a hot and sweaty club! 

The colours aren't as pigmented and as blendable as the Urban Decay ones but for £4 you can't expect miracles. 
Overall this is a great product.... You should definitely check it out and get creative with it. 

This won't be the last Makeup Revolution palette I will be purchasing. 

*makeup revolution is available in selected Superdrug stores. 

Rhian Xx